GZ Tripod w/ Swivel Base



A part of any educator’s kit is a tripod providing freedom and portability. But, we’ve added a twist, or should we say spin? 

Pivot Point created the first, patent-pending, swivel base tripod. Now, educators can spin a tripod base 360º to view their work or share it with an audience without awkward moving and positioning.
It’s the type of innovation we love: smart, simple and designed to make your life easier. 

All Pivot Point tripods are made of heavy-duty materials with telescopic legs that expand to 160 cm tall and efficiently pack up to fit into specialised tripod duffles. Wherever your career takes you, your tripod can come too! 

  • Rotates 360° to view designs from any angle so you can work in the round without moving around 
  • Easy-open locking system allows swivel base to rotate or lock in one place 
  • Feet swivel for extra balance and stability 
  • Easy-to-read measurement markings on legs 
  • Tel
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