Lydia – 100% Human Hair Co-Branded Sam Villa Mannequin




“Meet ‘Lydia’ – a mannequin that my ArTeam and I custom designed for cutting, finishing and colour work. I’m proud to partner with Pivot Point, a brand that has shaped education in our industry. Pivot Point is the first mannequin manufacturer to achieve SA8000® Certification. The SA8000® designation signifies the highest standards and best practices for workplace safety and fair wages. It gives you full confidence that you are investing in an ethically sound product. Each mannequin is hand-made by highly skilled artisans who take great pride in their workmanship.” – Sam Villa


  • Name: Lydia
  • Head Size: Small
  • Hair Type: Indian
  • Hair Colour: Medium-Dark
  • Hair Texture: Straight
  • Hair Length: 35.6 – 20.3cm
  • Form: Solid

Solid 35.6cm Leng

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