TEST KIT: Cole and Recycle Trend




The RECYCLE book contains technical step-by-step workshop tutorials with note pages and QR codes for easy access to videos.

Men’s Trend Collection: Both Tradition and Innovation Determine Our Future

  • Reproduce and reinvent styles
  • Create alternative working systems
  • Improve the design of the cuts so that they remain current in different seasons
  • Extend the life cycle of each look

The RECYCLE collection reduces the globalizing effect and gives new style to old styles, as they are reproduced in an alternative way. Behind every individual look there is a specific style analysis: from the styling techniques, through the color, to the structural type consultation, it is the small details that characterize the RECYCLE collection.

The outstanding techniques are one of RECYCLE’s strengths, respecting the needs of the modern man. Portability and marketability are the key elements that make up this collection.

A basic haircut can always be reinterpreted as long as we can count on strong technical skills to make the recycled look unique and functional. Striking looks, both sophisticated and casual; this is the Pivot Point idea behind RECYCLE.

Cole’s Profile

The perfect male (mannequin, that is), Cole’s 100% human, dark hair is implanted tightly on the sides (at the lowest angle possible), producing the most realistic end result. His longer lengths in the front make him ideal for practicing some of the latest trends in men’s haircutting.


  • Name: Cole
  • Head Size: Medium
  • Hair Type: Indian
  • Hair Color: Dark
  • Hair Texture: Wavy
  • Hair Length: 8″ – 5″
  • Form: Graduated
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